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The Voices of Distinction was founded in August 1997 as the Wood Memorial Male Chorus. The original membership consisted of 18 men that served a two-fold purpose: To sing praises to God and secondly, to enhance the fellowship among the brethren. The membership grew as high as 28 men in 1999. On August 24, 2006, as the ministry grew, and as God opened more doors, The Wood Memorial Male Chorus became The Voices of Distinction.

Most of the members of The Voices of Distinction are active duty or retired military men who sing during the Gospel Services at Wood Memorial Chapel, Ardennes Street, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We have ministered at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Nursing Homes, Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, The North Carolina Department of Corrections, other venues where the Word of God can be delivered through our outreach ministry. We have also ministered in every state on the eastern seaboard from New York to Florida, to include the state of West Virginia. God has anointed this group of God-fearing men with the ability to minister to many people and sustain the cohesion that has been exhibited throughout the years.

The Voices of Distinction have received many accolades over the years but there are two that are very significant. In May 2007, The Voices of Distinction was awarded the Chief Chaplain of the United States Army, Coin of Excellence. The award was presented at Fort Bragg during a concert in honor of his retirement. In December 2008, The Voices of Distinction was awarded the Shirley Caesar Music Outreach Award of the Lamplighter Association, sponsored by the radio station, The Light, 103.9 FM, Raleigh, North Carolina.  The Voices of Distinction were honored to travel to the Republic of Panama in June 2011 and minister at “The Christ Church by the Sea” in Colon, Panama.  This church is the oldest in Panama and second oldest in all of South America.

The Voices of Distinction has had the distinct honor to perform with many nationally renowned artists, to include, The Martin Luther King Male Chorus of Charleston, West Virginia; Rev. Douglas Miller; V3; Chozen; Smokie Norful; Tommy Spann and The Brooklyn All-Stars; The McDonald Sisters; The Singing Stars, formerly known as Tommy Ellison and the Singing Stars, The Canton Spirituals and The Swanee Quintet. On November, 6, 2011, the Voices of Distinction was blessed to be a special guest of The Sensational Nightingales, in celebration of their 67th Anniversary.

The Voices of Distinction released their debut CD entitled, “What You Gonna Do With Me?” in May 2010.  We released our second CD project entitled, “Don’t Leave Me Now” December 2012. We thank God for the many doors opened and the many prayers answered with the completion of our first project. We have and continue to enjoy the hospitality, support, and fellowship of the Fort Bragg and Fayetteville Christian community. We will continue to acknowledge God in all we do as he continually directs our path.